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Union Plus
Health/ Welfare
When planning to retire, contact
the Boilermakers International no
less than three months prior to
your planned retirement date to
allow for processing of your
retirement benefits.  Direct
deposits are available and are
applied to your account on the first
business day of each month
Boilermaker Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System is undergoing renovation and is not
currently operational.  Call Customer Care at: 866-342-6555.

The system gives quick and easy access to the most current information available
concerning your health and welfare benefits, eligibility, claims processing, annuity
account, and other fund benefits; 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

You may also use the voice response system to request certain materials such as
claim forms, brochures, and preferred provider information.

The Boilermaker Interactive Response (IVR) System is intended to be a convenience to
plan participants.  Those who wish to call the International Administrative office with
Standard Time,
913-342-6555questions may do so by calling during their normal
business hours, 8am-4pm, Central .

How to use the system: From a touch-tone phone, dial
You will need your Social Security Number and a PIN (Personal Identification Number.  
Your PIN may be obtained from the same phone number.
"The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more." Jonas Salk
Union Membership
Unions have a substantial impact on the lives of both union and non-union workers.  Unions have set norms and established
practices that have become more generalized throughout the economy, thereby, improving working conditions for the entire
workforce.  This has been especially true for the 76% of workers who are not college educated.  Unions raise wages and
benefits for unionized workers by roughly 20%-28% over non-union workers.  Strong unions set pay and benefit standards that
non-union employers follow.

Unions play a pivotal role both in passing legislated labor protections and rights, and in protecting those rights on the job.  
Unions have contributed greatly to the enactment of a broad range of labor laws covering areas as diverse as safety, overtime
pay, minimum wage, health and retirement coverage, civil rights, unemployment insurance, workers compensation, and leave to
care for newborns and sick family members.

Union grievance procedures, which provide due process in the workplace, have been mimicked in many non-union work places.  
Government agencies cannot monitor every workplace.  Unions play a crucial role in limiting employer reprisals, correcting
disinformation, providing resources to make a claim, and negotiating solutions to disputes.

A strong labor movement is essential to a thriving democracy.  Unions not only improve workers' benefits, they also contribute a
democratic voice for workers at the work place and in our society.
Health and Welfare
The Boilermakers National Health and Welfare Fund offers exceptional health benefits, and covers a substantial part of the cost
of medical, dental, vision, prescription drugs, and hearing aids.  The fund covers in-patient and out-patient hospital visits;
behavioral health/substance abuse, and has organ transplant programs.

To better utilize the Boilermaker National Health and Welfare System you should familiarize yourself with the plan booklet.  You
may use any provider but we recommend you use Preferred Providers for the best savings.  Please refer to the Summary Plan
Description (SPD) for your specific plan.  The Active Plan G and Reduced Plan G, for active participants is available on-line.  If you
need further information, please contact the Administrative Office at:
913-342-6555  or  866-342-6555
Vacation Pay
Boilermaker Field Construction Vacation Pay is accumulated in your individual account with the Boilermaker Vacation Trust,
from September 1 through August 31.  Vacation funds are not held by Local 92.  Vacation pay is distributed on December 1.  If
December 1, falls on a Saturday or Sunday, checks will be available the Monday immediately following.

Vacation checks may be picked up at Local 92's office.  Alternatively, you may
send a letter requesting your Vacation check
along with a
self-addressed, stamped envelope, to Local 92's office:
Boilermakers Local 92,  2260 S Riverside Av,  Bloomington,  CA  92316
Pension / Annuity
As a Field Construction Boilermaker you're eligible for two retirement programs to insure your future financial security.  Contact
the Pension Trust for an estimated retirement benefit amount.  For a complete explanation of the benefits available to you under
the Boilermakers National
Pension and Annuity Trust click on the link, or call the Administrative Office: 866-342-6555
Scholarships for members' children who are high school seniors, are available through the Boilermakers International and
Union Plus.  Applications for the Boilermaker Scholarship will be mailed to all Locals in December and must be submitted
between January 1st and March 1st.  Call the Local's office to obtain an application.  Please click on the links for more
information on other scholarship opportunities.
Union Plus
Union Plus is brought to you by Union Privilege, established by the AFL-CIO in 1986 to provide consumer benefits to members
and retirees of participating labor unions.  By using the collective buying power of unions, we are able to offer a variety of high
quality, discounted products and services exclusively to working families.  Our benefits have added features that are especially
helpful in case of disability layoffs.

You don't have to join Union Plus.  As a member or retiree of a participating union, you and your family are eligible for our
benefits.  Just as unions provide strength in the workplace, Union Privilege provides strength in the marketplace.  We deliver the
best benefits through the collective buying power of millions of union members.  And we do so without using union member dues.

Programs offered by Union Plus / Union Privilege
  • Legal
  • Credit Card with Layoff Assistance
  • Loans
  • Mortgage and Real Estate with Layoff Assistance
  • Insurance
  • Travel
  • Moving
  • Goodyear Tire Discounts
  • Auto Buying
  • Flower Service
  • Union-made Clothing
  • Computer and Technology
  • Tax Service
Union Sportsmens Alliance (USA)
The Union Sportsmens Alliance is a unique hunting and
fishing club exclusively for union members and their
families.  Nowhere else can you be a part of an outdoor
club that delivers so many entertaining, informative, and
money-saving benefits, all the while helping to protect our
nation's rich hunting and fishing heritage.

By joining USA, you automatically become a partner in the
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (
adding your voice to thousands of sportsmen working
together to guarantee every American quality places to
hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoors.
TWIC - Transportation Worker Identification Credential
The TWIC card is a biometric card that ensures only vetted (background checked) workers are eligible to enter secure area of
certain facilities regulated by the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA), under the Homeland Security Transportation
Security Administration (TSA).  You need it to go to work and it's the law.

Boilermakers who accept employment in the Los Angeles or San Diego area, at power plants and refineries, will be required to
obtain a TWIC card.  For more information go to , or call 866-DHS-TWIC.
If you do not find an answer to your question you are encouraged to call Local 92.

To expedite the enrollment process you will need to take your drivers license and Social Security card, or unexpired passport with
you when you apply.  For a list of other acceptable documents go to the TSA website.

After you application is approved and processed you will be notified by email or phone when your card is ready and you'll need to
return to the enrollment center to activate it.  Currently there is a 3-4 week turnaround time.  The cost for a TWIC card is $132.50,
and is good for 5 years.  
As of September 22, 2009, M.O.S.T. will no longer reimburse the cost of a TWIC card.

Pulmonary Function / Respirator Fit Testing (PFT/RFT) Reimbursement
Testing scheduled prior to September 22, will be reimbursed if completed before the close of business on September 30, 2009.
Political Action
LEAP - Legislative Education Action Program
The primary goal of LEAP is to ensure jobs and job security through political and legislative action.  Some of their goals are to
educate members and their families on the issues, and mobilize them to get-out-the-vote, to advise government officials on
legislation issues, and raise political money.  There are 14 million union members in the United States.  More than 8 million are
not registered to vote.  When elections are decided by just thousands, or even as few as hundreds of votes, union members
could determine the outcome of elections.

CAF - Campaign Assistance Fund
This is the Boilermakers Political Action Committee (PAC).  With CAF, the Boilermakers union contributes financial assistance to
campaigns of pro-worker candidates who will support issues that will benefit our trade.  CAF money is used to make direct
contributions to candidates for federal office.  Only voluntary donations from our members may be given to CAF.  CAF money
cannot come from a Lodge's treasury.  The LEAP executive committee determines which candidates should receive CAF
assistance, based on advice and recommendations from the Boilermakers Government Affairs Department.  They Consider
many factors in this decision, including the candidate's voting record, published positions, need for funds, chance of success,
and whether LEAP has declared the race to be critical.  You must sign a consent form if you wish to have five cents per hour
deducted from your vacation funds on the first of December.  Donations to CAF are an investment in your future.

LEF - Legislative Education Fund
Nearly everything the Boilermakers Government Affairs Department does is funded through LEF.  LEF pays for virtually all
Boilermaker political education activities.  Convention delegates approved a constitutional change in 2006 that requires all U.S.
Lodges to contribute at least 25 cents per member, per month, from the lodges treasury.  Without LEF, local lodges would get
virtually no political or legislative support.  All U.S. Boilermaker lodges benefit from our political education fund.  LEF also funds
the annual LEAP conference in Washington, D.C., where local lodge leaders hear from congressional representatives about the
issues facing workers, discuss strategies for promoting the Boilermaker agenda, and go to Capitol Hill to take the Boilermaker
message directly to our members of Congress.
Boilermaker Reporter
As an active or retired member of the Boilermakers you are entitled to receive the "Boilermaker Reporter.  Retired members must
have a Retired Members Card (RMC).  If you do not have an RMC contact your Local.

You are responsible for keeping the International informed of your current address.  If you are not receiving the "Boilermaker
Reporter" you may contact the International in one of several methods.  Non members may order a 3 year subscription of the
quarterly "Boilermaker Reporter" by sending $10 to the address below.  They do not send subscription expiration notices.

Please provide your name, address, & registration number.
Mail:  IBB, 753 State Ave, Kansas City, KS 66101
Fax:  913-281-8104
Website on-line form: